Embark on Aleksei Chebeliuk's musical journey, fusing classical elegance with contemporary innovation on the accordion.

Song Writer & Producer

Aleksei has been creating music in Hollywood for years, and his producer mind was put to the test when one of the film school students in Hollywood asked him to write a compelling music composition for his graduation work.

Knowing he had to deliver something special, Aleksei shifted into producer mode and created an instrumental work that exceeded expectations. After recording it, Aleksei released it onto various platforms like iTunes, Youtube Music, Amazon and SoundCloud. It quickly caught on as listeners appreciated how Aleksei used his expertise as a composer to turn seemingly basic soundscapes into complex pieces of art.

Work Produciton

Aleksei Chebeliuk is a triple threat! Not only is he an accomplished producer and composer, but he also acts as an artist and professional host. Whether it's creating music for a movie, commercial, or video game, Chebeliuk has the creative vision and talent to make any project a success. As a professional host, his friendliness and warm personality add to his appeal, making audiences feel right at home. Aleksei Chebeliuk's broad range of skills will keep you mesmerized with every project he takes on, regardless of genre or format. Raising Awareness of Accordion Music in Popular Culture Aleksei Chebeliuk is bringing the hum of an old instrument back to popular culture. He's causing an accordion renaissance with his goal of making it accessible to everyone from classical music enthusiasts to those just hearing about it for the first time. To achieve this,

Aleksei Chebeliuk conducts classes and seminars to spread knowledge about the classic instrument and performs in the US to raise awareness and appreciation for accordion music. Aleksei has accordion and piano students all over the World and one of his students was Johnny Berchtold for TV Series "The Wilds" by ABC Studios.

Aleksei Chebeliuk